Pilates is a particular type of exercise used for strengthening and conditioning of the whole body. It focuses on flexibility, breathing, activation of core and the control of movement from your muscles. Your pilates instructor will guide you through every exercise and will choose exercises suitable for your level of experience.

What options do we offer?

We offer both private one on one pilates sessions and small group classes. If you’re unsure of which will be most suitable for you, phone us and ask!

Group class run for 45 mins and have a maximum of two people per class. Our one on one sessions can run for either 30 or 45 minutes, depending on your personal preference and level of experience.

If you suffer from particular injuries or disorders, this is not a problem as most of our pilates classes are run by physiotherapists who will be aware of your injury and history of injury. We will ensure that pilates is not contraindicated for your injury however  make sure you either phone earlier for a discussion regarding your suitability or arrive early to your session to ensure you have enough time to chat to one of our friendly staff and instructors regarding your history and injury.

Are you pregnant and looking for a safe form of exercise? Our physiotherapists have vast experience in pregnancy and safe pilates training for those expecting!